This is a selection of testimonials I receive


Having always been a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal, I received a reading from The Ghostcop.  Right off he asked me if I knew someone named ‘Hans’.  After thinking for a second, I realized that it was my uncle’s middle name, one that only a very few people knew.  Then as he continued talking about ‘little yellow balls between white lines’, it set in: my deceased uncle is talking to me through The Ghostcop.  There were other things mentioned in this reading that nobody but the deceased and me could have known, so it is clear to me; The Ghostcop is a true medium – he made me believe in the paranormal.  Thanks, Joe.  T. D., Florida

This book and subject would be a wonderful movie, its worth thinking about. Joseph,TN

I just wanted to say thanks for being on Coast to Coast last night. It was a great show. I’m buying the book! G.M., NJ

Hi Joseph,Thank you for the great interview you gave on C2C last night, it was worth staying up for. Your straight forward way of explaining your experiences and your law enforcement background made your story very credible. I look forward to reading your book.Wishing you all the best after all you’ve been through. I’m a believer!   K.C., NY

Enjoyed hearing you on Coast to Coast on 7/23/11. Your comments and explanations of the other side were very illuminating and comforting. Thank you for your work.   Jim, IN

Dear Joe, My guides prompted me to write to you. As you may be aware, some of the souls from 911 have not crossed over. They are suggesting you may want to use some of your abilities to help these souls. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.Much love and blessings. Love and Peace   S.S., NY

Thank you for your website and insight to the afterlife. When you were an active officer did you use or believe in psychic information to help you on the job? Now that you connect to the spirit side, are skeptics becoming more open-minded? The work you do is fascinating to me and mind-boggling at the same time. Your credentials lend a sense of ’normalcy’ to this complex way of thinking. I look forward to reading your book   M.J., MI

Dear Joseph, I heard you on Coast to Coast the other night and found your story amazing. I will be picking up your book in the next day or two. I just wanted to say thank you for your service and all the work you are doing now. Continued success.  B.F.

Hello Mr Lani, I just want to let you know I bought your book, and read the whole thing in a few hours. I’m not the biggest book reader so that says a lot. Its great to hear your story. I work in xxx, as a security guard at a nursing home. I work the night shift by myself. Some of the ”things” I hear and see I don’t tell most people. So its nice to know that someone like yourself writes about it. Loved your book.  K.T., NY